Split System

Split System Installation in Melbourne

Installing air conditioning is a great way to maintain a cool environment for you and your family during extreme summers. When it comes to installing a split system air conditioner, you cannot handle everything on your own.

You need to rely on the expertise of professional technicians who will handle the task more efficiently. They know how to choose an ideal location and they also consider the outdoor and indoor elements while making the decision. All HeatNcool-Tech ducted heating and cooling system installations are covered by 5-year installation warranty.

Are you looking for split system installation in Melbourne? The service of HeatNCool-Tech is what you need. We are a leading installation service provider based in Melbourne. We work on each project with the utmost attention to detail to make sure that your new air conditioning unit is installed correctly and will offer a long-lasting cooling effect.

We as a team are committed to providing our clients with quality air conditioning installation and air conditioning repair services. Our work method involves identifying and troubleshooting any potential problem that may arise with your AC unit.

Split air conditioning systems are extremely versatile and known for their high-performance level. They are usually wall-mounted and widely used in houses and buildings. Our team combine their expertise and experience in order to offer the best split system installation in Melbourne.

With minimal disruption and quick turnaround time, we ensure all our clients that our team performs each job efficiently and maintain a standard quality protocol.

If you have been experiencing serious problems with your current split AC unit, then we recommend booking a consultation session with our experts. Our team will visit your house for an inspection, in case there is serious damage to your cooling system, we will design a customised plan accordingly.

Split System Repairs

Air conditioning systems tend to show signs of wear and tear. Sometimes it could be due to overheating of the device or faulty wiring as well. When you experience an interruption to your home heating and cooling, it’s time to look for reliable split system repairs services in your area. 

We employ the best methods and technology aimed at improving the cooling performance of your split system. You’ll be glad to know that we only use genuine parts and components for air conditioner repairs.

For over 15 years, we have provided our clients with a focused, honest and seamless experience by repairing their climate control systems. Thanks to our team, we perform split system repairs and servicing while addressing your personalised needs and requirements.

How We Do It?

The split system air conditioner repairs require a level of skills and expertise. We do our best to make sure our team offers the best-in-class services according to your system’s needs. We conduct a site inspection and detect electrical issues. For this we use specialised diagnostic tools to record data from the system and this data is used to analysis the system performance. We also deal in air conditioning installation.

Maintain a comfortable and cool environment throughout the year by hiring split system repairs services today.

We’re just a call away. Speak to us over a phone call on 03 8288 1784 and we will help you choose from our range of services.


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